Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live

In the lost mists of time, long before the advent of monotheist religions, man worshiped Mother Nature. Time passed, civilisations developed, and somewhere 4 000 years ago, the old veneration for Mother Nature – a most female deity – was replaced by the decidedly male God of the Hebrews, soon to become the equally male […]

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The Danish Lion – of Christian IV

Okay, so as you all know by now, I am Swedish. If I may say so myself, a relatively international Swede, having lived and worked in various parts of the world, but when things come to a crunch I’m as Swedish as IKEA’s meatballs and pickled herring (although the Dutch would probably argue pickled herring

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Swimming with the fishes

Many of us like swimming. Very few of us want to swim with the fishes – at least not for any extended period in time, as reasonably this would mean we are very, very dead. Or mermaids. These days, a majority of the children in the Western world are taught how to swim. Not so

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Meet my main characters

My author friend and 17th century fellow enthusiast, Francine Howarth, has tagged me in an on-going blog hop, Meet my Main Characters. The idea for the bloghop as such is the brainchild of the tireless Debbie Brown, who started it all off by introducing Evangeline, her heroine in the beautifully named For the Skylark. I

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