Historical Posts

Please keep in mind that I’m not a trained historian – I’m just an amateur, an enthusiastic history buff. However, as history figures prominently in my books. I have attempted to ensure the historical facts are as correct as possible, and where necessary I have written a historical note so as to answer the most obvious questions.

Religious persecution and glorious revolution

Religious Persecution and Glorious Revolution First published on English Historical Fiction Authors blog, March 25 2015 In 1685, Louis XIV of France revoked the Edict of Nantes, thereby indirectly laying the foundation to what would become the so called Glorious Revolution in England. “Eh, what?” I hear some of you say, brows rising as you consider […]

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Implementing Religious Tolerance

Implementing Religious Tolerance Many of the early settlers in the American Colonies emigrated due to religious issues. Interestingly enough, while the English government had little tolerance for Puritans, Quakers, Catholics, Presbyterians and what have you back home, they seemed not to have minded overmuch when these people settled in the faraway colonies – still English

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Revisiting my favourites

I was trying to find some of my favourite historical posts on this blog (yes, I do have some posts I like more than others, despite having written them all myself) and found it all something of a trial, so I decided to do a little list: Anna’s own historical favourites: 1. Kristina Gyllenstierna –

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