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Accompany me to the late 13th century and meet Robert FitzStephan, loyal servant of King Edward I. His new wife, Eleanor d’Outremer (Noor to her friends), has a more fractious relationship with the king—more specifically, with his actions. Things will become very complicated for both Robert and Noor!

She is dragged back through time to a new life, a new and frightening world. And a new man…
Love. Drama. Heartbreaking loss & heady adventure. Welcome to The Graham Saga!

My best-selling series! Winner of the HNS Indie Book of the Year 2015, plus several other awards!

Welcome to 14th century England, to the world of Adam de Guirande, an honourable knight torn apart by his loyalties.

Sometimes, I step out of my historical settings. Like in my new WIP which is a dark, edgy romance. 

I return to the world of time-travelling. Join Duncan and Erin as they leap through time! 

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Anna Belfrage, Author

Award winning author of Historical Fiction and Time Travel. Her stories will transport you to another time and place.


Anna Belfrage Author
So, this is what I have started working on:For the first time in well over eighteen months, Adam de Guirande was leaving his manor Tresaints for a longer journey, accompanied by his wife, Kit, and a half-dozen of retainers.“I never thought I’d say this, but I am quite looking forward to our little jaunt,” he said as he steered his Flemish stallion round one of the larger puddles in the lane. Other than the occasional mandatory visit to Worcester, he’d been more than happy to remain at home – at first. But of late the isolation had chafed, even if he’d done his best not to let it show.“As am I.” Kit was astride her chestnut palfrey, a horse he’d chosen for her very much on purpose, enjoying the fact that the horse’s hide matched his wife’s beautiful hair – a heavy weight of dark red locks that were braided and hidden from view beneath her veil. Adam rode close enough to take her hand and give it a little squeeze. It had taken days of persuasion to convince her to come along and leave their youngest in the tender care of his siblings and XX (Wetnurse from previous book). “Meg will keep Roger safe,” he said, smiling at the thought of his eldest daughter. “Aye. She and her cat both.” They shared a smile. Meg’s tom was a huge black and white creature who went by the name of Flea and believed himself to be a lionThey walked the horses up the long incline, Adam inspecting the growing crops as they passed. The pea pods hung green and tempting on their vines, but other than as an occasional treat for the children, they’d be left to mature and dry, a staple to see them through next winter. On the other side of the lane, the barley rustled and sighed, the tender green already shifting to gold. Summer was a fine time of the year, Adam reflected, and couldn’t quite stop himself from smiling as he toted up just how much money the recent shearing would bring him. Wool was Tresaints main crop, and to his far right some of the recently denuded ewes were grazing, their half-grown lambs at their side. Beside him, Kit laughed. “You’ve become quite the farmer, my lord,” she teased. “The sword replaced by shears and sickle.” “I enjoy it,” he replied. “Beasts and plants are more predictable than the politically murky waters of the court.” He sighed softly: not that he missed court, but he did miss his close relationship with the king, and not a day went by but that he sent off a prayer for his dear lord, Roger Mortimer, dead since well over a year. “But you still practise your fighting skills,” Kit said.Every day. His crippled foot required that he work constantly at retaining his agility, and if he wasn’t using the sword, he amused himself by wielding his staff, a stout length of wood banded with iron. “I am a knight, sweeting. I owe service in times of war, and so…” He shrugged. “Will it be Scotland or France first?” Kit sounded casual, but tightened her hold on the reins.“Scotland, I’d reckon.” He leaned over to place his larger hand over hers. “We cross that bridge when we come to it.” He urged Raven into a trot. “Today, we enjoy our outing.”Adam de Guirande rides again, peeps! See MoreSee Less
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Anna Belfrage Author
In my latest WIP, I have a character who insists on baking. A lot. Presently, she’s all about pasteles de nata – Portuguese delicacies that are VERY hard to make. And guess who is now practising her baking skills, hey? Although baking pasteles de nata is much, much better than the time I decided I had to know how to make lye…. See MoreSee Less
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