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I write what I love to read. I am hoping you share my tastes, Maybe you love passionate historical fiction in a medieval setting? Check out my series The King’s Greatest Enemy or my latest release, His Castilian Hawk.  Or perhaps you prefer a time-travel story featuring a most reluctant time traveller who somehow ends up at the feet of the man she was destined for—despite him being born three centuries before her. If yes, check out The Graham Saga. Maybe you’re into an epic time-spanning romantic suspense, a story of fated souls, of love and hate. The Wanderer could be just your cup of tea! Whatever your preference, I hope you find something you like among my books.

The Graham Saga

She is dragged back through time to a new life, a new and frightening world. And a new man…
Love. Drama. Heartbreaking loss & heady adventure. Welcome to The Graham Saga!

My best-selling series! Winner of the HNS Indie Book of the Year 2015, plus several other awards!

Kings Greatest Enemy Series, Anna Belfrage

The King’s Greatest Enemy

Welcome to 14th century England, to the world of an inept king, a rebellious baron and an adulterous queen. Welcome to the life of Adam de Guirande, an honourable knight torn apart by his loyalties.

The Wanderer Series by Anna Belfrage

The Wanderer – say hello to Jason and Helle

A dark, edgy romance which features Jason and Helle. She has moments when she believes he is insane – but she has no doubt whatever that Jason is a far safer bet than dark and dangerous Sam Woolf. Definitely. Obviously, I couldn’t quite resist adding a time slip ingredient…

The Castilian Saga

1282 and Edward I is determined to crush the Welsh once and for all… Caught in between are those with divided loyalties – like Eleanor d’Outremer…

The Time Locket Books by Anna Belfrage

 The Time Locket

I return to the world of time travel and send Duncan Melville spinning through time, all the way from 1715 to 2016. As compensation for his troubles, I introduce him to Erin Barnes. I’m not sure she’s entirely grateful when I send them both straight back to 1715…

1066 Turned Upside Down, Anna Belfrage and other collaborating authors

1066 Turned Upside Down

I’m a proud collaborator to “1066 Turned Upside Down”, exploring what might have happened had William the Conqueror lost.


My latest collaborative effort resulted in this wonderful anthology. Proud to be part of this lovely group of twelve authors . Check out our FaceBook page for more info. Find the book here: