The narcissist within…

Nope, I do not  spend hours and hours gazing at my reflection. In fact, I mostly avoid my reflection. Now and then, though, I spend time considering who I am – specifically when I am challenged to share stuff about myself on social media. I very often find it difficult to come up with particularly […]

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Tea for two – or at least for me

I live in a country of coffee drinkers. No sooner did this bean land on Swedish soil, but the Swedes fell in love with it. Okay, so originally coffee was far too expensive to be enjoyed by the lower classes, but soon enough it became an affordable luxury, to be sipped out of saucers with

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The nectar of the gods

Yes, yes; we all have different preferences. The title above may conjure up champagne for some, whisky for others and maybe just a glass of cold water for the purist. To me, it’s all about tea. I start my day with tea. I end it with tea. This is actually not a good idea, as

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