Historical Fiction – a genre or an umbrella?

Sometimes, people ask me why I write historical fiction. “Why such a difficult genre?” they ask, which in itself makes me a tad irritated, as historical fiction, IMO, is not a genre – it’s an umbrella under which all other genres coexist. In essence, the “historical” in historical fiction merely indicates that the story is …

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Dream on!

I daydream. Well, when I’m not bugged by people requiring my full attention on something as mundane as a monthly closing or an unapproved invoice. Some people daydream about winning loads of money on the lottery. So do I occasionally, which is a very stupid daydream seeing as I don’t buy lottery tickets (What do …

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My sister shared an interesting little story with me recently about a well-travelled man who decided to drop in on a tribe of cannibals – not my first choice of people I’d like to have dinner with, let me tell you. Apparently, the first major hurdle in getting to Cannibal Land was to find someone …

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