True miracles

At times, I regard my children and wonder how on earth they can be mine. Sometimes this is said with a little sigh as I pick up yet another piece of discarded clothing or wipe the counter tops free of crumbs and marmalade stains. Mostly it is said with an element of pride and genuine […]

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Following your heart – of parents and children

This book is dedicated to all those people who open their hearts to a child not of their blood and take it as their own. Where would the world be without you? This is the dedication in my latest novel, The Prodigal Son, and I’ve had some readers come back to me, curious as to

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When lightning strikes

Some days ago, a little boy here in Sweden died. Children do that now and then, however much we don’t want it to happen, but in this particular case the boy didn’t die due to an accident or to illness. No, he died due to being forgotten. After having spent the entire day strapped into

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