Of divine sparks and serious talks

Very many years ago, my mother and I were out walking. We did that a lot, she and I, and we would spend most of our standard circuit talking about this and that. That day, we were talking about faith. My mother grew up believing in God, but when she was fourteen, her mother fell […]

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In Memoriam

I like wandering round in churches, and on a recent visit to the Church of Holy Trinity in Kristianstad, I spent my time perusing the gravestones that line the walls of the church. The church was built in the early seventeenth century, and as was the custom rich people were often buried directly under the

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Love is all around …

The Pride festival is upon us. Once a year, Stockholm blooms into a mad, crazy festival celebrating the joys of love. Pride festivals occur all over the world, and in some countries these festivities come under severe attack from conservative moralists due to the overt homosexual themes. In Stockholm, the Pride festival has become so

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