Here comes the sun…except it didn’t

There was not much sun. That would, one assumes, be a major disappointment when the purpose of our little trip was to lie flat on our backs and absorb sunlight, now and then making the effort to go splashing in the surf instead. Duh! Of course it was a disappointment! However, there are some things …

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Some days ago I was standing in front of my mirror fixing my hair when I noticed my biceps seemed to be hanging upside down. Some further checks made me conclude that the so called biceps had transformed into a rather unattractive fold of fat. (Well, not all of it: there’s quite enough biceps left …

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Computer yoga is my cup of tea

Writing can at times be a most meditative pursuit. No, hang on; meditative is the wrong word. Writing can at times allow me some minutes – hours – of total oblivion, an experience very similar to that of being sucked into a fantastic book but the other way around. When I’m engulfed in a book, …

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