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The Warmth of Snow – welcome to romantic Sweden!

Today, I am rather chuffed to be part of Heidi Eljarbo’s blog tour featuring her new book, The Warmth of Snow. Why? Well, the book is set in Sweden, and now and then i succumb to bouts of patriotism. Plus, Heidi lives in Norway, and I love Norway! (Well, not always: not when they beat the heck out of teh Swedes in long-distance skiing) Anyway, enough about all that, let us instead dig into teh book itself.


There must be a way to thaw a heart long frozen. Can she help him, or does he have other plans?

Sweden 1810.
August Brandell, the count of Linborg, has returned home after four years of war against the French Empire under the direction of Napoléon Bonaparte. Wounded and downtrodden, he is a meager shadow of the man he used to be.
One day, a lovely young woman comes calling. She’s strong and bright and, unlike the rest, seems unaffected by his wealth and unfortunate disability. He soon discovers he wants more than a sweet friendship, but a life of caring for him would not be fair to such a beautiful soul. Oh, how dearly, deeply he loves her and secretly wants her to stay, but he cannot and will not ask such a sacrifice from her…especially not when it’s out of pity for him.

Erica Gustava Ebbesdotter has primarily been left to herself since she was orphaned at an early age. Although grateful to her aunt and uncle for taking her in, they pay her no attention and even keep her in the dark about her parents.
Hearing about Count Brandell’s unfortunate fate on the battlefield, she knocks on the door at Castle Linborg to leave him a card of encouragement.
Meeting Count Brandell changes Erica’s entire world. Falling for him is utterly unexpected. Soon, he fills her heart, but he is far above her station. How can a man like him see beyond her less refined clothes and past? Worst of all, he is already betrothed.

This is a sweet and wholesome historical romance—a hauntingly beautiful tale of two hearts meant to be together. 

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A little teaser snippet: 

THE NEXT DAY, Erica decided to take Ingela’s advice and ride by Castle Linborg. Even if the count preferred to keep to himself, he might be encouraged by a token of goodwill. It would not hurt to try. Anything that would bring a smile to someone’s face or stir a sentimentof good cheer in someone’s heart was worth the little time and effort she put into it. Besides,why listen to rumors? Erica had always favored a proper, personal acquaintance to blindly believing in other people’s thoughts and comments. Gossip was too often malicious and hurtful, made up of ignorance and hearsay, and spread by those filled with jealousy. At least,that was her experience growing up in her uncle’s household.

Erica stopped at the entrance of the lane leading up to Castle Linborg. What was the drawback of coming unannounced? The worst she could think of? They could tell her to leave. Then again, maybe they’d open their doors and invite her in. She pulled her shoulders back and urged the horse forward.

The gray stone castle was a pearl of an edifice and undeniably the most impressive and dominant building she’d ever seen. The structure with its many towers and differently shaped windows fronted an austere yet mysterious beauty.As she dismounted in front of the long stone staircase, a stableboy came running.
“May I take your horse, miss?”he asked politely.
“Thank you.”Erica handed him the reins and started up the staircase to the main entrance.She counted the steps and stopped halfway where two majestic lions carved in stone adornedeither side. Such amazing craftmanship. She stroked the cold sculptures then continued up therest of the stairs, holding onto the thick, stone handrail. Finally, at the top plateau, Erica faced the arched double doors. She pulled the doorbell and waited

About the author
HEIDI ELJARBO grew up in a home full of books, artwork, and happy creativity. She is theauthor of award-winning historical novels filled with courage, hope, mystery, adventure, andsweet romance in the midst of challenging times. She’s been named a masterof dualtimelines and often writes about strong-willed women of past centuries.After living in Canada, six US states, Japan, Switzerland, and Austria, Heidi now callsNorway home.She lives with her husband on a charming island and enjoys walking theirWheaten Terrier in any kind of weather, hugging her grandchildren, and has a passion for artand history.Her family’s chosen retreat is a mountain cabin, where they hike in the summer and ski thevast white terrain during winter.Heidi’s favorites areher family, God’s beautiful nature, and the word whimsical.

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