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Welcome to Joan Fallon and her latest release – The Winds of Change

Today’s guest and I share a common fascination with Spanish history. She, of course, lives in Spain. Me, I grew up with Spanish and Spanish history. If you  haven’t read Joan Fallon’s books about Moorish Spain yet, you are in for a treat – check them out on Amazon (links to Joan’s Amazon page further down) Today, though, Joan is touring with her latest book. Yes, we are still in Spain. Yes, we are still in that southern most part of Spain, Andalucía (and I love how so much of the story plays out onlands that once belonged to an ABSOLUTE favourite of mine, Alonso Guzmán). But in The Winds of Change, Joan takes us back to the early twentieth century, when all of Spain is twisting under teh tensions that will explode into the bloody Spanish Civil War.

I have already read The Winds of Change and leave you with a little quote from my review:  All in all, The Winds of Change is an enjoyable and educational read.  As always, Ms Fallon’s love for Spain and its rich history shines through—albeit that this chapter is a rather dark one.
I warmly recommend this book, which is why I was more than happy to participate in this blog tour, arranged by The Coffee Pot Book Club


The Winds of Change is a story of love, loyalty and betrayal on the eve of the Spanish Civil War, when the country is political turmoil with strikes and demonstrations, unemployment is high and the people are starving.

In this complicated love triangle we meet Ramon, a member of the Republican Left, who has accidentally killed a policeman and is on the run from the Guardia Civil and Hugo, the son of the wealthy owner of a local sherry bodega. Both men are in love with Clementina, the beautiful daughter of a well-known gypsy horse trader but there are obstacles in both their paths.

Hugo finds that when he tries to see Clementina again, both his parents and hers do everything they can to stop him.

Meanwhile Ramon’s brother, Pedro, is arrested and imprisoned because he will not reveal his brother’s whereabouts to the Guardia Civil. Now Ramon has to choose between his brother and the woman he loves.

This fast moving historical novel is a story of love, politics, class prejudice, intrigue and betrayal in the year leading up to the Spanish Civil War.

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Author Bio: Teacher, management trainer and business woman, the Scottish-born novelist, Joan Fallon moved from the UK to Spain in 1998 and dedicated herself to full-time writing. She is now the self-published author of eighteen books, many of which are historical novels set in southern Spain, and focus on two distinct periods in the country’s history, the Spanish Civil War and Moorish Spain.

More recently she had turned her attention to writing contemporary crime fiction, with a series of novels entitled The Jacaranda Dunne Mysteries but her love of historical fiction has lured her back to writing about Spain in the 20th century in her latest novel The Winds of Change.

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