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Revealing the cover of a collaborative effort!

Some months ago, a couple of other writers and I decided to join together in a cooperative effort to promote our books and support each other. One of the first things we wanted to do was put together an anthology, a collection of short stories that we could offer our readers for free so as to (hopefully) introduce new authors to them. Today, is Cover Reveal day – and I must say Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics has outdone herself!

We had a lot of fun discussing what should be the common theme. I am not going to bore you with the details, but soon enough it became evident that the participating authors all have a somewhat dark streak. How else to explain that we landed on treason, deceit and betrayal as our common theme? Now, betrayal covers all kinds of sins. Betrayal can be private. It can be political. It is always very personal—at least for the people closest to the event.

Our stories span well over a thousand years. Some stories are long. (Yes, yes, mine is a looong one) Some stories are short enough to offer a perfect coffee break reading. All of them are set in the past.

The participating authors (other than yours truly) are:

Judith Arnopp

Cryssa Bazos

Derek Birks

Helen Hollick

Amy Maroney

Alison Morton

Char Newcomb

Tony Riches

Mercedes Rochelle

Elizabeth St John

Annie Whitehead

Publication day is November 17. How on earth will you be able to wait that long, hey?

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