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Do No Harm – a spotlight

do no harm 59355236_2348561442081814_3327263301095653376_o (1)Some peeps always go out of their way to support and promote other writers. One such is Christoph Fischer, so when he wondered if I’d be interested in doing a shout-out for a boxed set of medical thrillers to which he has contributed, the answer was a resounding YES.
Do no harm hit the nr 1 spot the moment it was released – clearly there’s a thirst out there for stories that combine suspense and health…

Personally, I think the title of the boxed set is an apt reminder of what all those working within the various branches of the health profession should always, always have as their lodestar. To judge by the various stories included, this is not always the case – but then mankind is weak when it comes to ambition, greed and thirst for power, and I suppose this applies no matter if you’re an accountant, a writer, a president or a medical professional.

do no harmDO NO HARM is an extraordinary, limited collection of medical thrillers written by USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon best-selling authors. You can order it now for .99!

Do you crave reading books with nail-biting suspense, twisted plots and great characters who get caught up in whirlwinds of crime, deception and lies? Do you love sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering who will survive…and who won’t?

From the mountains of West Virginia, to acute care hospitals, the battlefields of the Middle East and the hallowed halls of our educational system, join us for these incredible stories of healthcare gone wrong.

If you like Robin Cook, David Baldacci and Patricia Cornwell, this collection is for you! Do No Harm is a binge-readers dream – 14 medical thriller books in one! And you can only get this collection of books from this group of authors here!

Grab your copy today and find a comfortable chair!


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  1. Christoph Fischer

    Thank you for the shout out and for doing it so thoughtfully and for your warmth. Huge hugs <3

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