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IndieBRAG Book Blitz, Anna Belfrage, author of The Graham Saga

Indiebrag bookblitz Sept 2015

The Graham Saga BOOK BLITZ


I am honoured – touched, happy – well, a lot of adjectives – to have been chosen for indieBRAGs first ever book blitz. So what exactly is a book blitz? Well, it is an event over several days highlighting (in this case) my books.

IndieBRAG Book Blitz, The Graham Family Saga, by Anna Belfrage

I will be posting links to various posts here – on the sidebar – and for those of you interested in entering the giveaway, leave a comment further below.

Other than the fabulous people at IndieBRAG – and a special thank you to Geri Clouston, the power house behind the entire BRAG effort, an organisation focused on finding and highlighting high-quality independently published books – several people are taking part in this effort:

Helen Hollick, author extraordinaire, will be telling us about sea travel in the 17th century, and her dashing, dark and dangerous Jesamiah Acorne will make an appearance – as will Alex Graham!Visit Helen’s website HERE

The versatile Stephanie Hopkins – a generous supporter of authors everywhere, will be discussing historical fiction with me, Visit Stephanie’s Layered Pages

Heather will take on the challenge of interviewing Matthew Graham on her blog, The Maiden’s Court

Wonderful Susan Weintrob – food blogger (and is she picky when it comes to recipes – however politely she tells me that “approximately” won’t fly) will host a major cook-out session. Want to learn how to make Swedish Cardamom buns? This is your chance! And why not pop by to see what else she may be cooking? Visit Everyday Happy Foods

Our very own Scot, Stuart S Laing will expand on the grimmer sides of the English Civil War – specifically in Scotland – while generously allowing me to pop in and out. Feels a bit like teaching your grandmother to suck eggs…Stuart writes wonderfully atmospheric books set in 18th century Edinburgh – and has a BLOG

A lady with a cross – well, to be correct it is Charlene Newcomb’s two heroes who take the cross, in the rather excellent (and different) Men of the Cross – will be hosting a guest post about…well, you’ll have to see. But why not stop by her BLOG and browse?

Ever-generous Margaret Cook will offer up space on her blog Just One More Chapter – and I will fill it (words sort of come easy to me)

And then we have Cathy Helms, creator of the banner below – beautiful, isn’t it? And guess what? She has a website too, the beautifully named Avalon Graphics.

IndieBRAG Book Blitz, Anna Belfrage, author of The Graham Saga

To celebrate the book blitz, the first book in The Graham Saga is ON SALE this week! Follow this LINK!

A Rip in the Veil, by Anna Belfrage, cover

Read more about The Graham Saga HERE


Want to know more about Matthew Graham? Here’s your chance! Visit The Maiden’s Court

My thoughts on Historical Fiction – at Layered Pages

Stuart gives us an excellent summary on the causes behind the War of Three Kingdoms

Charlene welcomes me to her world, where we talk about A lost people, a lost voice (Native Americans meet Europeans – didn’t go so well…)

Food anyone? Pop by Susan’s blog and read about 17th century cooking with Alex Graham.

Helen Hollick generously shares her charming rogue of a pirate, Jesamiah Acorne with Alex. Well: shares and shares…Pirate meets time traveller!

And finally, read an excerpt from the HNS Indie Book of the Year 2015 on Margaret’s blog!