shopping habits

Shop until you drop

It is five thirty on the Friday after pay day, and I’m stupid enough to be at IKEA with a shopping list long as my arm and droves of people equally equipped. Of course, the reason all of us are there at this same time is because our lists exceed our end-of-month wallets, and so, […]

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Value for money

Today I bought a packet of ”Scottish cookies with Belgian chocolate” in my Swedish supermarket. Ah, the joys of globalisation, hey? I must admit it was the word Scottish that attracted me in the first place – that and the rather discreet packaging in white with a picture of – yupp, you guessed right –

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Will I ever ride through Paris in a sports car?

“Well, everything is just as it should be,” my doctor tells me with a bored little smile. “But what about …” I cough. “Well, you know; I don’t want any more kids, and the IUD is well over five years old, and …” She laughs! Bloody woman. “I seriously doubt there’s any risk of you

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