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Doing things the Indie way

Poouf! I’m all worn out! Now, those that know me, know I am rather talkative, but doing a two hour talk has left me a bit drained. So what have I talked about? I was very flattered–and honoured–when HNS (Historical Novel Society) asked me to do a talk about going Indie. Having spent months preparing […]

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A new (and fun) twist to promotion!

Some people go out of their way to help other writers get their moment in the limelight. Helen Hollick is one such person – and seriously, I suspect she has some very, very special mushrooms growing in a wardrobe somewhere that she munches daily to keep her energy up. Since some years, she runs Discovering

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Is freezing in a garret a prerequisite?

There is this rather romanticised (and antiquated) idea that great art is created by young (mostly) male wannabees who laugh cruel fate in the face while they continue with their creative endeavours, no matter chillblains and empty stomachs, ice-cold draughts and ragged clothes. Our literary hero hoards his candle stumps so as to light his

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Making it happen!

In my ongoing little odysseys into the world of publishing – and self-publishing in particular – I thought it would make sense to include a representative from one of those publishers who offer comprehensive publishing packages to aspiring authors. It is my belief that these publishers have a huge impact on how self-published book are

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Hearing it from the writers

It has probably not escaped your notice that I’ve been doing a series pf posts about publishing, reading and writing. Today, I’m opening my doors wide to welcome Helen Hollick and Alison Morton, two very different ladies that have one characteristic in common: they are both equipped with enough driving force to create a gale.

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Giving recognition to Indie authors

It will not have slipped anyone’s notice that over the last few years the number of self-published books has increased dramatically. New technology coupled with an available distribution channel allows wannabe authors to enter the market all on their own, thereby creating quite the debate about self-publishing versus traditional publishing and also about quality in

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