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Their Castilian Orphan – my latest release is HERE!

Their Castilian Orphan

Today, I release my  twenty-third book. Their Castilian Orphan is finally live, thereby concluding the Castilian Saga. Or not, seeing as Robert goes all grouchy when I tell him this was the last book.
“You know what’s going to happen next,” he protests. “The king is sending us . . .”
No, no no! I cover my ears. I do not want to hear it. Except, of course, I do. Plus, covering your ears does not help when the person talking to you is inside your head. I know. Weird. But I can assure you I am no weirder than most of my author friends who all seem to have long and fruitful conversations with their leading men and women.
So, allow me to amend: Their Castilian Orphan is PROBABLY the last book about Robert and Noor.  We shall see. Happy now, Robert?
“Very.” He pulls Noor close and kisses her on her veiled head. “Told you I’d make it happen.”

“Hey!” Erin tugs at my sleeve. “Tell him to get in line, lady. You have to write our story first.” She slips a hand under Duncan’s arm and hauls him close. “We’ve been waiting for a while, you know!”
And I have been procrastinating because they’re off to 18th century Russia and I have never had much of a hankering for either the 18th century or Russia.
“As have we,” Adam de Guirande rumbles. “You’ve promised me Kit and I are to go on a pilgrimage together.” Hmm. That I have, although I haven’t exactly filled Adam in on all the violent details of said pilgrimage. Now that I think about it, his and Kit’s little excursion would dovetail quite nicely with my new medieval project, set in teh 14th century.
“Interesting,” murmurs Edward II in my ear. “Am I to assume I’ll be coming along to visit with my dear, dear relatives in Castile? I’d love to meet Alfonso XI.”
“He thinks you’re dead!” I tell him. I mean, most of the world thinks he’s dead since 1327.
“But I’m not, am I?” he says. “Besides, Adam could do with some of my esprit to lighten things up a bit.”
“My Adam does not need to lighten up,” Kit tells the ex-king. “And maybe if you’d kept some of that esprit under control, you’d not be in the pickle you’re in.”
Edward laughs. “Oh, I can assure you fair Kit, I am most certainly NOT in a pickle. But my son might be—especially as Philippe VI is very convinced I am still alive.”

This, dear reader, is when I thump my head a couple of times against my desk to quiet all those voices.

Philippe IV, looking somewhat sneaky

Now: where was I? Ah, yes – I give you The Castilian Orphan.
I first knew I was going to write this book several years ago, when by chance I came upon a description of Madog ap Llewellyn’s rebellion in 1294. So yes, that rebellion plays a central part in my story. So does another Philippe, namely Philippe IV of France—uncle to Philippe VI above who has his suspicions about Edward II’s death. In Their Castilian Orphan, Philippe Sr tricks and humiliates Edward I, and this English king does not take kindly to being humiliated.

Edward, looking . . . err . . .

One could think the complicated political situation would be enough to build my narrative on, but those of you who know me—and my books—also know I like to add a personal angle. Plus, I prefer it if my protagonists aren’t kings and queens (although that new project of mine may well force me to make an exception). In Their Castilian Orphan, the protagonists are Robert and Noor—and their foster son, Lionel, now almost twelve years old. For them, the conflicts with both France and Wales pale into insignificance compared to the giant threat posed by the very vindictive Eustace de Lamont, finally returned to England after five years of exile and determined to finally have his revenge on his detested half-brother, Robert.
“Ha,” some of you may say, “Eustace clearly fails, seeing as Robert is still alive given his comment right at the start of this post.”  Ah, dear reader, sometimes death is the kinder version of retribution. You see, vengeance can take many, many forms . . .

Anyway, find out more about Their Castilian Orphan here or take the plunge and buy your copy HERE!




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