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Is that my hand? Yikes

Today I caught sight of my hand. Okay, okay, I see my hand all the time, but today I actually LOOKED at it. A shaft of spring sunlight illuminated every crease, every vein, and it was with some dismay I concluded I must be getting old. Well, maybe not old, but definitely older. I turned my hand this way and that and spent some time studying my palm. I have a very short life line, like half the length of my husband’s, which, if one believes in such, means he’ll outlive me by eons. Not the happiest of thoughts …

I fisted my hand and went back to work, but however fascinating I normally find Equity Reconciliation to be (it takes all sorts)this time my brain kept on derailing my concentration by flashing the word AGE in bright, neon letters.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not as if I would want to be young again – no way! At times I study my kids and I feel like high-fiving my husband and yelling “YES, we did it!” because they’re more or less grown, relatively normal and quite healthy and soon they’ll have moved on and we can settle down to enjoy life. So not for me Alphaville’s Forever Young – but I don’t exactly want to start warbling “My Way” – not yet. No, I enjoy being middle-aged and I want to remain middle-aged for a looong time. (I am going to start using Atrix every day, starting tonight)

Actually, so many things get better with age:
a) Finances. My brother-in-law once said that the single highest wage hike one would ever get was when the kids moved out. Yupp!
b) Self Confidence. If I don’t want to wear a black suit – despite being in Finance – well, I just don’t. And no one would even dare to comment…
c) Sex. Oh yes! And why no one told me that when I was a fumbling twenty something working very hard at the sex goddess act I don’t know. But it’s true – it just gets better and better. I think it might have something to do with b) actually …
d) Wine. Although that’s not the subject of this post.

My one concern is that I feel I need a theme song for this stage of my life. Something catchy and energizing that will make me want to sing along. Suggestions, anyone?

4 thoughts on “Is that my hand? Yikes”

  1. How about “Girls just wanna have fun”? And don’t for one second believe when they tell you Atrix will domthe trick! Been at it formyears and my hands are slowly turning mummie on me….

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