A Torch in his Heart

In the long lost ancient past, two men fought over the girl with eyes like the Bosporus under a summer sky. It ended badly. She died. They died.

Since then, they have all tumbled through time, reborn over and over again. Now they are all here, in the same place, the same time and what began so long ago must finally come to an end.

Ask Helle Madsen what she thinks about reincarnation and she’ll laugh in your face. Besides, Helle has other stuff to handle, what with her new, exciting job in London and her drop-dead but seriously sinister boss, Sam Woolf. And then one day Jason Morris walks into her life and despite never having clapped eyes on him before, she recognises him immediately. Very weird. Even more weird is the fact that Sam and Jason clearly hate each other’s guts. Helle’s life is about to become extremely complicated and far too exciting.


A Torch in His Heart, by Anna Belfrage, cover

Book 1 of The Wanderer

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Silver medal, Coffee Pot Book Club


Reader’s Favorite Bronze medallist award


Reader's Favorite Five Star Award

BRAG Medallion Award

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So thrilled to see A Torch in His Heart awarded the Silver medal in The Historical Erotic Fiction category by The Coffee Pot Book Club!

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