The Graham Saga

It  all began the day Alex Lind got caught in a thunderstorm. Not your  ordinary storm, no this was the mother of all storms, causing a most  unusual rift in the fabric of time...

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About Anna Belfrage

The  other day, I asked my husband to  describe me in three words. Being a  rather savvy guy, he sort of smiled  and said I was beautiful, sexy and  smart...

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Bonus Material Available 

New bonus material!
An insight into how Isaac copes with the loss of Magnus is now available! Also a "prologue" to A Newfound Land, and something about what happens to Magnus Lind in modern-day Scotland during the time frame of The Prodigal Son, plus much more! 

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Guess who I met?

Have you read about my recent meeting with the Earl of Bothwell? 

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